“He restores my soul.” ~ Psalm 23:3a

What restores you?

For whatever reason, after many hours in the car today with a slightly under the weather toddler, I’m thinking tonight about restoration.  And of course, since I’m a nerd at heart, I had to Google the definition of restoration.

The first thing that pops up about restoration relates to politics and government, referring to the restoration of a person or group to power.  The second definition is what I was thinking of, and it is attached to the arts – restoration is returning a piece of art to its original or intended state.

The idea that God restores our soul is truly beautiful.  It gives me the sense the He strips away all the dirt and grime that can build up over the years, filling in all of the faded colors, so that the artwork shines with the same glory as it once had.  God thinks each one of us is a masterpiece and invests countless hours in taking care of our souls.  You are priceless to Him.