“Then Jesus declared, ‘I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty.’” ~ John 6:35

Watching my son eat his dinner tonight, I got to thinking about how young we learn to be picky.

My little boy isn’t a particularly picky eater; he generally eats whatever you put in front of him.  But some days he’ll eat a food and others he won’t.  It can be frustrating, because I never know from one day to the next what he’s going to eat.

Now, I’m guessing that this selective nature is due to the fact that he is being raised in a middle class family in a developed country.  He knows that he’ll be fed five times a day, pretty much along the same schedule.  He never has to wonder when or where his next meal is coming from – he knows mom will put him in his high chair and he’ll get fed.

It stands to reason that children in poorer circumstances wouldn’t be nearly as picky – I’m sure they would eat whatever they were handed.  Without the security of knowing if there will be a next meal, any food offered would be devoured with gusto.

It led me to think that we approach church (and God) kind of the same way.  We know that at any Sunday, we can show up at a church and listen to the Word of God without fear of persecution.  You can buy Bibles anywhere – Wal-Mart, Target, you can even find them in the drawers of just about any hotel you stay at.  We are so spoiled with the supply of God’s Word that we start to get picky about it – arguing over worship styles, squabbling over the style of service.  We forget that in some nations people are hungry for the God, hungry for His Word.  They do everything they can to read it, memorize, and cherish it, while we take for granted having five copies on the shelf and occasionally find ourselves “too busy” to read it.

Don’t forget, no matter how many choices of churches we have and how readily available the Word of God is, your soul is still hungry.  Feed it with the life it needs, the living Word of God.