“Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.” ~ I Thessalonians 5:18

Since the Oscars were yesterday (no, I didn’t watch – why watch three hours of dull television when you can find out in one minute who won the following day?), I read an interesting article that discussed who gets thanked most often during an Academy Award speech.  The author of the article looked at the 39 actors who have given acceptance speeches over the past decade, and found some interesting patterns.

One of them?  Meryl Streep has been thanked more often than God has in these speeches.  Yup, you read that right – in the past decade, out of all the best actor/actress and best supporting actor/actress speeches given, only three people have thanked God in their speech.  And of those three, only Denzel Washington mentioned Him first.

My question for you is: have you thanked God today?  Maybe you didn’t win an award for anything you did, and there weren’t cameras rolling as you gave your speech, but have you thanked the One who has given you everything?