“So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.” ~ I Corinthians 10:31

At the moment, I feel like a successful parent.  If you have children, you know these kinds of moments are fleeting and far between, so it’s best to enjoy them when they come around.

Today, my little boy and I had a good day.  Nothing amazing, but good.  We played outside in the snow.  We played with his little ball all morning.  Dinner was made without him wrapped around my legs, sobbing, thanks to the advice of many wonderful Facebook friends.  He’s now tucked into bed, listening to his lullaby CD, and I’m feeling like we had a pretty great day.

So much of what you do as a parent is repetition – the same thing, day in and day out.  Make breakfast, clean up dishes, play with the little one, make lunch, clean up lunch, do laundry, grocery shop, clean the house…the list goes on.  It can be, at the same time, comforting and overwhelming – to be faced with a seemingly never-ending cycle of sameness.

A friend recently shared a Sara Groves song that addresses just this – it’s entitled, “Setting Up the Pins.”  In the song, she sings about how life can feel like we are setting up the pins, just to knock them down, and we have to keep on doing that, day in and day out.  What we are tasked with as children of God is to find the beauty and joy in our daily routines.

Too often, we see people in our society throw away the God-given gifts they have been given, because they seem too “ordinary.”  They spend their days chasing after what’s newest and best, what’s exciting.  But in the end, they have very little to show for, because they weren’t able to see the beauty in what God had given them in their everyday.

So if your life feels like you’re setting up the pins just to knock them down, be encouraged.  And don’t spend your days fretting that you’re missing out.  Look for the wonderful gifts God is giving you in the midst of it all.