“For I am the LORD your God 
who takes hold of your right hand 

and says to you, Do not fear; 
I will help you.”
~ Isaiah 41:13

If you’ve been reading my blog this week, you know that on Sunday I decided to give television up for the week (see the post called Time Vulture for the rest of the story).  It’s been a good experiment, one that I believe I’ve really benefited from.  If nothing else, it’s led me to realize that I actually didn’t have enough time to be watching tv in the first place, since my entire week has been a whirlwind without it.

However, I have realized why I was watching so much tv in the first place – to avoid feeling lonely in the evening.  In spite of everything that happened last summer with my husband’s death, I think I have put together a nice life and routine for my little boy and me.  We have lots to do and are pleasantly busy just enough of the time.  But once my little one is in bed and the house is quiet…well, turning the tv on has become my way to numb the sadness brought on by the fact that I’m alone.

Which is why I chose today’s verse from Isaiah, because it reminds me that I’m not alone.  The image of God coming alongside me, taking my hand, and promising to help is a truly beautiful picture to me.  And something I am thankful for every day, whether it be in the busyness of the day or the quiet at night.