“For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.” ~ Philippians 1:21

As I’m sure you’ve seen all over the news, Steve Jobs died today.

I heard it on the radio earlier this afternoon, as I was driving home from running a few errands.  What surprised me was how sad the announcement made me.  Normally, when you hear someone famous has died, you think about it for a moment, and then go on.  But this actually slowed me down a bit, feeling the grief that comes from the death of another person.  It wasn’t even that he was fairly young, because at 56 he got to live twice as long as my husband did.

However, I think the reason that I think it’s sad he’s gone is because I’m sitting here, typing my blog post on a computer that his company designed.  I listen to my iPod in the car all the time.  His company actually had a direct impact on my life, in however small a way, because I use the products that they created.

It made me wonder how I could have that kind of tangible impact on the world for Christ.  When I die, how will people be able to look around and see what I’ve done that truly lasted?  After my death, my house and things will be sold, my belongings shared with family or given away, but what will remain?  What kind of impression will be left from me living my life?

A good question – one that all Christians should grapple with on a daily basis.  What can we do to leave a lasting memory for Christ?