“Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway.” ~ Proverbs 8:34

As I’ve gone about this week, I have noticed how difficult writing my blog every day has been.  Typically, I have lots of things that are rolling around in my head to write about and it’s just a matter of picking the one that God is teaching me the greatest lesson at the moment.  But this week I sit down and open my computer, only to look at the blinking cursor and wonder what on earth God has been teaching me today.

A lot of that stems from how busy my job has kept me the past few weeks.  It’s been an incredibly good busy, but the onslaught of things to do as we get ready for school has been a little bit crazy.  Throw in an adorable baby that needs lots of my attention and a visiting family, and there’s just about no room left for anything else.

Which is, I think, how most of us live our lives.  We jam-pack them so full of things, God is pushed to the margins, to the edge of things, left for when we have more time.  But the sad truth is, we don’t ever have more time.  There’s always one more thing we could be doing, so instead of slowing down to hear Him speak, we rush on past Him to something else.

Had my life not come to a screeching halt last summer, I’m not sure I would have ever noticed this truth.  But having everything thrown up in the air when my husband died led me to spending a lot of time with God and a lot of time listening.  And as life returns to “normal” – or at least something that resembles normal – I am noticing that it has become harder and harder to hear God over the din of daily living.

Which means something needs to go.  Maybe I need to rearrange what I do in the evenings.  Maybe I need to get up earlier in the morning.  But whatever it is, I need to make sure I am carving out time to listen to the One who made me, because He alone can guide me through this life.