“My times are in Your hands” ~ Psalm 31:15a

Today, for whatever reason, my little boy’s internal clock has sped itself up a bit.  He was up early, wanted breakfast earlier than usual, and wanted lunch really early – as in, an hour before he typically eats.  So to prevent his dinner from being in the middle of the afternoon, we tried playing with some of his toys for a bit, but he would have none of it.

So into the kitchen we went, him in his highchair and me preparing his food.  Which I was apparently not preparing nearly fast enough for his taste.  Little hands beat on the plastic tray, accompanied by the insistent sound of his most irritated whine.  And even though I wanted to get his food to him faster, there’s really only so much you can do.  In fact, whether or not he’s whining and I’m hurrying, the food takes about the same amount of time to prepare every day.

However, after I was finished feeding him and he was happily playing with his Cheerios, I realized that sometimes this must be how I approach God about things.  Instead of praying about something and then giving it over to Him, I hang on to it and whine and whine and whine about it.  The thing about whining and getting frustrated is that it really does nothing to speed up the process.  In fact, it often makes the whole process feel a lot longer, since all of my energy is given over to complaining about it.

Maybe what I should do instead is remember that God loves me and has perfect timing.  My grumbling and cajoling aren’t really going to bring about results that are better than what the Creator already has planned.  That isn’t to say that I shouldn’t pray repeatedly about things, because the New Testament encourages that, but it does tell me that if I’m praying about it I don’t need to invest the rest of my time in fretting over whether or not God heard me.

So put your spoon down and stop beating on the table in front of you.  God has everything under control.