“Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay,’ says the Lord.” ~ Romans 12:9

My little boy has discovered an enemy: the innocent-looking gnomes that stand next to a proliferate plant at my mom and dad’s house.  Upon noticing them, he crawled right up to one and pushed him over.  The following day, he didn’t get as close, but crawled within scolding distance and spent some serious time giving the gnomes the what-for.  But the last straw with the gnomes happened this morning.

My little one had crawled behind a chair near the gnomes, on an adventure to explore his surroundings.  However, unknown to him, he had mistakenly put his feet much too near the gnomes of questionable virtue, and while trying to crawl a bit further behind the chair, kicked one.  The gnome tipped over onto my little boy’s feet and yelling ensued.  The gnomes have now been banished to a far-off corner, their ability to taunt and threaten eliminated.

As an adult, I can be endlessly amused at the small drama that played out between my baby boy and these two inanimate gnomes.  It’s quite funny that he would fixate on something that could in no way hurt him and identified the two statues as something to be concerned about.  However, I can’t say that this isn’t something that we don’t ever do as adults.

Often, we find things to fixate on that have no power or meaning in our lives, but by fixating on them we can give them great influence over us.  Worrying about something we have no control over or something that should have no place even being thought about, and suddenly we find ourselves consumed by this perceived threat.  And often, in the end, nothing comes of this perception other than a lot of wasted time and energy.  A great trick of the enemy’s, to get us to waste our time on something that isn’t even there.

But that isn’t to say there aren’t lots of real threats out there.  However, we must remember it isn’t our place to spend our time and energy figuring out how to vanquish this threats or wrongdoers.  We need to remember today’s verse and let God handle it.  Our charge is to go to the ends of the earth, sharing the love of Christ with everyone we meet.  We need to keep our full attention on that, and let God take care of the rest.