Today of all days, I’ll admit that I am jealous of my mom.  I am envious because she has my dad.  She had his help and him to lean on while raising children.  I am thankful for everything she taught me, because if I am in any way a good mom, it’s because of her.  But the truth is, I wish I had what she has.

Today is dedicated to all moms.

What I have to say is dedicated to the single ones.

To the mom who feels the bittersweet sting of yet another celebration without a husband to help her family celebrate.
To the mom who stays up late and gets up early, striving to fill the impossible roles of leader, provider and nurturer.
To the mom who falls asleep alone, wishing there was someone there to hold her.
To the mom who faces a mountain of responsibility that no one else quite understands.
To the mom who does the cooking, the cleaning, the working, the bill paying, the laundry, the yard work, and takes the trash out when everything else is done.
To the mom who holds the crying child when she’s run out of patience, rocking and singing to them because there’s no one else to do it.
To the mom who shoulders the burden of Atlas for her family.

You are beautiful in the eyes of the Lord.

Whether you arrived at this point by circumstance, choice or tragedy, you have joined a sisterhood that will make you stronger than you ever thought possible.  You will grow in ways you didn’t know you could and succeed in ways you didn’t imagine probable.  There will be moments you will only be able to cry out to God for His help, but there will also be moments where you will see how incredibly God has blessed you and your family.  You will feel at once discouragement and triumph, and gain strength every single day.  God will build you up to face this task in so many ways and He will be the Rock you can lean on when the tough days come.

You will become an iron-jawed angel.

“The joy of the LORD is your strength.” ~ Nehemiah 8:10