“In their hearts humans plan their course, 
but the LORD establishes their steps.”
~ Proverbs 16:9

Sometimes I wonder how often God’s plans work in my life to make sure my own don’t push me right over the edge.  Actually, I wonder a lot if God looks at what I’m about to do and just says to my SWAT-like team of guardian angels, “Clean up on aisle five…again.”  But really, I think sometimes He alters our plans because He knows that what we were planning isn’t what’s best for us.

I started thinking about this yesterday.  My plan for yesterday was to put something together at my house.  It was in a ton of pieces and looked like it was going to require a lot of work.  Really, it looked like it would take two people to do it, but some days I just don’t feel like calling anyone and asking for help.  So I didn’t and my plan was to do it on my own.

Cue God’s planning – the My-way-is-best planning.  Rather than do my project on my own, my doorbell rang before I got started and there was my brother-in-law, who came over to look at my ever-leaking basement.  But he also saw the mess I had created and offered to help.  And having help meant my project got done and was a lot more fun to finish.

I’m thankful that God looked at what I had been planning to do and rerouted me.  Sometimes I complain when this happens, but I look at events like yesterday and know that even in the little things, God really does want what’s best for me.  He knew that trying to do certain things on my own result in tears of frustration because I’m doing it alone.  So rather than leave me to my own devices, He stepped in and took care of me.

A lot of times, we have no idea when God is redirecting our steps.  Maybe it’s allowing us to stop at every red light in town to prevent us from being in an accident.  Maybe it’s something as simple as sending someone to ring the doorbell and lend a helping hand.  Whatever it is, give thanks to the One who loves and cares for you more than you could ever imagine.