“For you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.” ~ I Thessalonians 5:2

The other night I had an agonizing dream.

In this dream, my husband hadn’t died, but was healthy and well and the three of us were a happy little family.  But we had found out that in four days, I was going to die.  The majority of my time spent in the dream was getting things ready, so that he would be able to carry on without me.  Telling him about our little boy’s routine, helping him understand all the things that he would need to do.

It was a strange sensation to wake up and realize that he and I never got the chance to prepare for his absence – I was left to figure everything out on my own.  However, the dream did get me thinking about everything that I should have in order for my little boy, just in case.  Things I have been putting off, because it is unpleasant to think about.

But is it really, “just in case?”

I’d love to believe that I have many years left, but the truth is, I have no way of knowing.  There are things I can and should be doing now to make sure that my little boy is taken care of both physically and spiritually.

But more importantly, my relationship with God needs to be in good order, because that is one detail that I cannot leave unattended.  While some people are given notice of their impending death in the form of an illness that may take months or years, others are gone in an instant.  I am thankful to know that if my final breath is soon, I am ready to meet my Creator.

Are you?