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“In their hearts humans plan their course,
but the LORD establishes their steps.”
~ Proverbs 16:9

Yesterday I did something I am kind of proud of.

I made a mess and didn’t clean it up.

This week I’ve talked about how frustrated I am that I can’t seem to control everything and how I’ve struggled with not allowing myself to do anything artistic.  So yesterday, I decided to give things a try.  I dragged out all kinds of art supplies and played with different things for a while (which included getting super glue all over my dining room table – oops).  And while I didn’t produce any kind of amazing art or even finish anything, getting started felt really good.  But the best part – for me, anyway – was leaving the mess.

Reason being?

The things scattered all over my dining room all have the potential to be a part of something creative, beautiful and meaningful.  But if these things sit tidily on the shelf, organized and controlled, they can’t be a part of anything.  Their potential would be eradicated for the sake of order.  Getting my supplies out and actually putting them to use is a good thing – it’s what they were made for.  So I’ve left them out so I will continue to use them and be inspired by what I can do with them.

I think sometimes as Christians we approach life the way I’ve been treating my art supplies – as something to be organized and labeled.  We create a list of things we “do not do” and get more caught up in trying to avoid things than actually trying to live for Christ.  We each have amazing potential through the One who made us, but if we get too busy focusing on what we shouldn’t do, we’ll never do what we were meant to.  I don’t want to reach the end of my life and have to face Christ with a list of things I didn’t do.  I want to be able to offer Him a life well lived, that’s maybe a bit more ragged around the edges, but a life that shows I tried my best to live for Him.

So when the urge to control and plan and order your life gets overwhelming, remember that it’s the Lord who ultimately establishes the steps you will take.  Allow Him room to get creative with you.  God compares Himself to the potter, with us as the clay.  And if you’ve ever seen a pot being thrown on a potter’s wheel, you know that there is nothing neat about it.  Stop worrying about the mess and give God’s creativity a chance to shine through you.