“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” ~ Romans 8:18

As I was driving in my car early today, I listened to the companion worship CD for my Bible study on Ruth.  The music does a great job of expressing Ruth’s musical journey in song.  The first few songs are difficult for me to listen to, but so much of the music and the story of Ruth gives me great hope that God has a plan and a purpose for all that I have gone through.

One of the song lyrics stood out to me today in particular, “Yesterday has lost its grip on tomorrow.”

What a terrific way of thinking about all Christ has done for us.  Even if I don’t see His promises fulfilled during my time on earth, I will in eternity.  Christ’s complete sacrifice and saving grace has released the grip that the darkness of my yesterdays would have on my tomorrow.

If you are facing great trials in your life right now, please know that God will reveal His glory in you someday.  Unlike the stories in the Bible, we don’t know how our individual journeys on earth will turn out.  But thanks to the Bible, we know how the entire story ends.  I don’t know when my someday will be and I don’t know when yours will be, but I do know that somehow, some way, God’s glory and greatness will be served through the witness of my life.

So keep Paul’s words in mind when you face difficult times.  Your present sufferings won’t even compare to the greatness of God’s glory that is to come.