“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” ~Psalm 46:1

My son really likes his space.

I mean, REALLY likes his space.  Since he’s a baby, he is by default tiny and rather helpless, but that does not slow him down from defining the area around him as his own.  When you pick him up, he’ll prop one little elbow against you, so in spite of the fact you are carrying him from one room to the next, he is keeping his distance.  What makes me laugh is that he is too small to accomplish traveling on his own, yet he is determined to act independent while he’s being moved.

Aren’t we kind of like that with God sometimes?

When I look at my life, I often see times where I am bullheadedly trying to do something on my own.  Regardless of how difficult it may be, I am doggedly working to get things done without help.  I can’t help by wonder how often God is looking on, or even carrying me, and I’m keeping my elbow out.

The real difference happens when my little guy is really tired.  When he’s exhausted himself by playing all afternoon, he’s a completely different baby when you pick him up.  Instead of pushing away, he’ll bury his face in your shoulder, cuddling up to you as close as he can.  At this minute, you can feel his acknowledgement of total dependence.

When he does this, I am reminded that this is how I should approach God on a daily basis – falling into His arms and remembering that everything good I have comes from Him.  I shouldn’t wait until I am spent from trying to live on my own strength, pushing Him away until I can’t go another step without Him.  Instead, I need to be seeking refuge in His presence, the sanctuary that He offers to all of His children.

Today, spend some time seeking Him, leaning on Him, acknowledging you need Him.  Yes, He’ll be there when disaster strikes, but wouldn’t you rather be safe in His arms already when it does?

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